Luxurious Alpaca Yarn

100% Australian Alpaca

Setting the standard for Alpaca Yarn in Australia

How we are setting the standard for alpaca yarn in Australia

  • We source the best fleece available from leading alpaca studs in Australia.
  • All our alpaca fleeces are tested using the latest technology to ensure that they meet our strict requirements.
  • Only the best alpaca fleece is used to produce our yarn.
  • We thoroughly skirt our alpaca fleece to ensure that all the undesirable fibre and contaminants are removed.
  • Our fleece is shipped to New Zealand to be scoured at a world class scouring facility to obtain the cleanest fleece possible (without using carbonisation).
  • The scoured fleece is then spun and dyed at a long established, highly regarded fibre mill in New Zealand that turns our high quality fleece into high quality yarn.
  • This high quality yarn is then returned to us to sell in Australia at competitive prices.
Rueben - our alpaca
Rueben - our alpaca

What our customers say about our yarn...

Penny Hill – hankknitwear

This is the most beautiful quality yarn. I solely use Australian Alpaca Yarn in the production of my kids knitwear label and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The 4 ply yarn is perfectly spun to use on my knitting machine and the 8 ply is my go-to for all my hand knit items.…

Jenny Wilson, Jennmark Alpaca, Collinsvale, Tasmania

Jennmark Alpaca is a small cottage industry situated at Collinsvale, Tasmania specialising in machine knitted item such as Beanies, Scarves, Mitts and Wraps.  We are very selective in the yarn we use.  The yarn from Australian Alpaca Yarn is by far the best we have used on the machines.  It is soft and the texture…