Australian Alpaca Yarn & Alpaca Ultimate

Australian Alpaca Yarn/Alpaca Ultimate  is owned and operated by Tim Toshack and Graham Lugg and is located at Yass – New South Wales - Australia.  We have been farming alpacas since 2003 under the stud name of LUALTO ALPACAS.  We have seen great advancements within the Australian alpaca industry and fleece quality in this time.  We understand what is required when purchasing the most suitable fleeces to ensure that the highest quality yarn is produced

Alpaca Ultimate Yarn was started in 2008 by two alpaca studs in Australia and one in New Zealand.  In 2014 we purchased the business to complement our alpaca stud breeding enterprise.  We re-branded the business name that we trade under in 2016 to Australian Alpaca Yarn to convey to customers who we are and now known as Australian Alpaca Yarn/Alpaca Ultimate.

Australian Alpaca Yarn / Alpaca Ultimate yarn is made from our own fleece as well as fleece sourced from leading alpaca studs in Australia. All fleece to be used to produce our yarn is scientifically grid tested to determine micron and then thoroughly skirted to eliminate all the unwanted fibre and contaminants.  It is then sent to New Zealand for processing into our luxurious yarn by a leading commercial mill with decades of experience in spinning and professionally dyeing all types of yarn.

This is why when you purchase any of our 1,2,4 and 8 ply or boucle range from Australian Alpaca Yarn/Alpaca Ultimate, you are purchasing a soft handling, hard wearing luxurious yarn that Australian Alpaca Yarn / Alpaca Ultimate has become renowned for.

100% Australian Alpaca

Our yarn is sourced from some of the leading alpaca studs in Australia.

Highest Quality

Our yarn is scientifically and thoroughly skirted to eliminate all the unwanted fibre and contaminants.

Wide Range

Available in a range of different yarns ranging from 1 ply up to a 10 ply boucle.


Alpaca Ultimate

Alpaca Ultimate yarn started production in 2008 as a collaboration between two alpaca studs in Australia and one in New Zealand. They developed the procedures for producing a high quality yarn using Australian and New Zealand alpaca fleece which was spun and dyed at a leading commercial mill in New Zealand.  The quality of the fleece and skirting processes have been improved over the years with Alpaca Ultimate Yarn now fully owned by Australian Alpaca Yarn, based in Yass, NSW, using all Australian alpaca fleeces but still processed into yarn at the same mill in New Zealand.


Alpacas For Sale

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