Fleece Prices & Specifications

Latest information, as of January 2017.

All fleeces received are independently grid tested to determine Micron and Comfort Factor.

This provides an objective means to calculate the payment to breeders and is also a breeding tool for growers. These tests are sent to growers at time of payment with a charge of $1.32 (including GST) deducted for each test.

  • All fleeces are to have minimal vegetable matter, primary fibres and second cuts to be accepted.  Each fleece is checked and any unusable fibre is removed;
  • All fleeces must have been well skirted at shearing to ensure that the primary fibres do not contaminate the remaining fleece;
  • All fleeces must be between 80 - 120mm in length and have average fibre diameter of less than 28 micron;
  • Each individually skirted fleece should be placed in separate bags;
  • Payment is normally made 120 days after grid testing; and
  • A consignment form needs to be attached to your fleece shipment - this is available below

Please note, we endeavour to process your fleeces and make payment within 120 days after grid testing.  However, at certain times of the year when workloads are busy this may not be possible.  We will always endeavour to complete your fleeces and make payment as soon as possible.

Please refer to the ‘Shearing Prep Info’ document that has a link at the bottom of this page.  Note, we don't purchase fancy  or appaloosa coloured fleeces.

If you do not hold an ABN (Australian Business Number), you will need to complete a ‘Statement by a Supplier’ form available from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website declaring your transaction is undertaken as a private recreational pursuit or hobby.

Note: If you hold an ABN you need to declare whether you are registered for GST or not.

Buying white or light fawn fleece

Current buying specifications and prices for white or light fawn fleeces.

MicronComfort FactorPrice - If registered for GSTPrice - If not registered for GST
Under 2097+%$22.00$20.00
20 - 21.9995+%$22.00$20.00
22 -23.9990+%$17.60$16.00
24 - 25.9985+%$13.20$12.00
26 - 2875+%$8.80$8.00

Buying coloured fleece

Current buying specifications and prices for coloured fleeces.

MicronComfort FactorPrice - If registered for GSTPrice - If not registered for GST
Under 2097+%$11.00$10.00
20 - 21.9995+%$11.00$10.00
22 -23.9990+%$8.80$8.00
24 - 25.9985+%$6.60$6.00
26 - 2875+%$4.40$4.00

Useful Documentation

The links below provide you with information to assist you in preparing your fleeces for delivery to Alpaca Ultimate:

Shearing Preparation

Preparation before shearing can add value to your fleece.

Fleece Consignment Form

Download a fleece consignment form.